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Give the right visibility to your club

You will be visible to athletes, coaches and all families who want to bring their children closer to the sport.
In addition, you will be able to communicate immediately with all your audience (sponsors, staff, press and enthusiasts)

Match after match, you will tell the story of your club.

You will increase your online presence and it will be easier to find who is looking for a team or start playing, increase the visibility for your club and sponsors, to find new athletes and discover new talents.

With a Club Page you can:

  • create a dedicated page for each team
  • have a always updated news section
  • post classifieds ads to help build a new team

Why Playr for your Club

Improve your Club's image

towards the members, their families and local institutions.

Promote classes

dedicated to young people and the activities of your own company.

Competitive advantage

over other federations' sports associations in your area.

Seek coaches and players

in a easy, targeted, and transparent way and respectful of federal regulations.

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